WDBLS - Concrete screw with hex washer head

WDBLS - Concrete screw with hex washer head
Installation of racks
Installation of mounting rails and brackets
Installation of railings
Installation of seasonal garden arrangements
Installation of handrails inside buildings
Installation of garden tents
Installation of temporary fastenings
Anchor plates
Installation of metal profiles
Installation of safety barriers
Installation of beams and thresholds
Installation of equipment on construction site
Size chart
kod produktuwymiar (mm)ilość
WDBLS-1013012,5 x 13050szt
WDBLS-1014012,5 x 14050szt
WDBLS-060807,5 x 80100szt
WDBLS-080509,9 x 5050szt
WDBLS-080609,9 x 6050szt
WDBLS-080709,9 x 7050szt
WDBLS-080809,9 x 8050szt
WDBLS-1006012,5 x 6050szt
WDBLS-1007012,5 x 7050szt
WDBLS-1008012,5 x 8050szt
WDBLS-1009012,5 x 9050szt
WDBLS-1010012,5 x 10050szt
WDBLS-1011012,5 x 11050szt
WDBLS-1012012,5 x 12050szt
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WDBLS - Concrete hex head screw for quick installation of permanent and temporary fastenings


Hole diameter is not equal to thread diameter.

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