WKCP - Washer head screw (TX)

WKCP - Washer head screw (TX)
Solid wood
Glued laminated timber
Wooden finishing elements
Rafter framing
Building structural frames
Counter-battens and battens
Wood-based panels
Size chart
kod produktuwymiar (mm)ilość
WKCP-061406,0 x 14050szt
WKCP-060506,0 x 50100szt
WKCP-060606,0 x 60100szt
WKCP-060706,0 x 70100szt
WKCP-060806,0 x 80100szt
WKCP-060906,0 x 9050szt
WKCP-061006,0 x 10050szt
WKCP-061206,0 x 12050szt
WKCP-061606,0 x 16050szt
WKCP-061806,0 x 18050szt
WKCP-062006,0 x 20050szt
WKCP-080808,0 x 8050szt
WKCP-081008,0 x 10050szt
WKCP-081208,0 x 12050szt
WKCP-081408,0 x 14050szt
WKCP-081608,0 x 16050szt
WKCP-081808,0 x 18050szt
WKCP-082008,0 x 20050szt
WKCP-082208,0 x 22050szt
WKCP-082408,0 x 24050szt
WKCP-082608,0 x 26050szt
WKCP-082808,0 x 28050szt
WKCP-1012010 x 12050szt
WKCP-083008,0 x 30050szt
WKCP-1014010 x 14050szt
WKCP-1016010 x 16050szt
WKCP-1018010 x 18050szt
WKCP-1020010 x 20050szt
WKCP-1022010 x 22025szt
WKCP-1024010 x 24025szt
WKCP-1026010 x 26025szt
WKCP-1028010 x 28025szt
WKCP-1030010 x 30025szt
WKCP-1032010 x 32025szt
WKCP-1034010 x 34025szt
WKCP-083208,0 x 32050szt
WKCP-083408,0 x 34050szt
WKCP-083608,0 x 36050szt
WKCP-083808,0 x 38050szt
WKCP-084008,0 x 40050szt
WKCP-1036010 x 36025szt
WKCP-1038010 x 38025szt
WKCP-1040010 x 40025szt
WKCP-080408,0 x 4050szt
WKCP-080508,0 x 5050szt
WKCP-080608,0 x 6050szt
WKCP-062206,0 x 22050szt
WKCP-062406,0 x 24050szt
WKCP-062606,0 x 26050szt
WKCP-062806,0 x 28050szt
WKCP-063006,0 x 30050szt
WKCP-08040-B8,0 x 4050szt
WKCP-08050-B8,0 x 5050szt
WKCP-08060-B8,0 x 6050szt
WKCP-08080-B8,0 x 8050szt
WKCP-08100-B8,0 x 10050szt
WKCP-08120-B8,0 x 120
WKCP-08140-B8,0 x 14050szt
WKCP-08160-B8,0 x 16050szt
WKCP-08180-B8,0 x 18050szt
WKCP-08200-B8,0 x 200
WKCP-08220-B8,0 x 22050szt
WKCP-08240-B8,0 x 24050szt
WKCP-08260-B8,0 x 260
WKCP-08280-B8,0 x 280
WKCP-08300-B8,0 x 300
WKCP-08320-B8,0 x 320
WKCP-08340-B8,0 x 340
WKCP-08360-B8,0 x 360
WKCP-08380-B8,0 x 380
WKCP-08400-B8,0 x 400
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WKCP - New milling tip

new enhanced
milling tip



shorter screwing time – quicker installation

shorter screwing time

Tests performed before the product has been implemented showed that a new design of the screw tip provides for shortening of the screwing time by even 40% at the same load. Such saving depends on type of connection and the wood used.

double thread – quicker installation

Additional coils on the point allows for faster joining of the fixed wooden member at the first stage of the screw advancing. Such advantage is particularly important with connections where pressing on the screw is hindered. The double thread ensures obtaining the same effect with much lower pressure.

double thread – quicker installation

less refusal while screwing

The new design of milling tip reduces the refusal while screwing by up to 20%. This parameter is particularly relevant for such specialists who use power tools on a daily basis – as this extends the battery life.


high resistance parameters

Designed in cooperation with contractors, the new point of carpentry screws facilitates installation and features high resistance, i.e. pull-out resistance, shearing resistance, etc.

high resistance parameters

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